How To Earn 100$ Crypto Currency Per Day Without Investment | Package Portal |

How To Earn 100$ Crypto Currency Per Day Without Investment | Package Portal |

Hii Guys Welcome Back To my fresh Article and In This Article, I am Talking About An Awesome App Which Is a Package portal Where You Can Earn 100$ CryptoCurrency Per Day I Already Earn 900$ From That App And I Think This Is the Best opportunity For You. 

What Is Package Portal?

Package Portal Inc. is an American-based programming organization fused in 2019 in the province of Wyoming. The organization offers a product as-a-administration item in the coordination space organized as a B2B2C offering. 

The PackagePortal application gives straightforward information to connect between online customers and transporters, by utilizing the trustless programmability of on-chain shrewd agreement exchanges, and the tokenization of the following numbers. The stage empowers internet business traders and their purchasers to trade conveyance information and worth, autonomous of whatever transporter might be giving transportation of their products.

Creation Of Package Portal - Package Portal Inc. was founded by J.G. Whitley and Gabriel Chaney. The CEO is a business owner and entrepreneur in the logistics industry, while the CTO is an experienced full-stack engineer and team lead. The two began laying the framework for PackagePortal in the summer of 2019, after being awarded a ZilHive ecosystem grant to develop the idea. Two key hires early on bolstered the collective expertise of the company, and together the team of four brought the original idea to life - and to market - in a little over a year, having shipped a functional product and service at the end of Q4 - 2020.

So This is The Short Intro About Package portal Now,

How you Can Earn by Package Portal?

So you Can Earn 100$ Only By Scanning Your Under 30 Days delivery Label. And When You scan Then Send Port Token To your Zrc 20 Wallet if You Want To know That how you Can Create an Account on package Portal then you Can Checkout This Video Availble on youtube - Clickhere
After Watching This Video You Are Able To Scan your label And some knowledge about package portal 

How you Can withdrawal A port?

the Withdrawal Process of port Was lengthy But not Difficult So for This you Can check this Video - clickhere
So After Watching the video you Are Able to know The Withdrawal process of port 

payment Proof?

This Are my Personal payment proof Received from Package Portal

How To Earn Free Crypto Currency | Phoneum token | PHT Token |

How To Earn Free Crypto Currency | Phoneum token | PHT Token |

Hii Guys Welcome Back To my fresh Article and In This Article, I am Talking About Four App Which are in The Trend While I am writing This Article. This all App Are Run by Phoneum { PHT } Company. The Phoneum Has its Own CryptoCurrency Which name Is PHT Token And This PHT Token Was listed On Probit Exchange.


Phoneum is a genuine portable just cryptographic money, intended to convey a worked-on client experience and stage that empowers all clients, paying little mind to specialized fitness, to completely take an interest in the new digital currency economy. Phoneum (PHT) is a Tron (TRX) based token. Like Bitcoin and numerous other cryptographic forms of money, PHT is a Blockchain digital currency that supports distributed exchanges. It is predominantly utilized in the Phoneum biological system to mess around just as to balance fossil fuel byproducts and add to different other natural causes.

So This Is The Short Introduction to Phoneum.

1:Crypto Cards

So Guys this is An Phoneum digital trading card collectibles game. Where You Can Collect Card And Earn PHT Token. Here you Have to Complete missions, play the daily minigame and spin the wheel along the way to filling your Album for additional rewards. And You Can Also Invite Your Friends To Earn PHT Token And When you Invite Your Friend You And You Friend will Get 1000 Pht Token And 200 xp You Can Download This app By clicking Here - CryptoCards
You Can enter This Invite code - rzqmpdkt

2:Cloud Earning PHT

The unique Phoneum Miner has developed into Cloud Earning PHT, dealing with everything in the cloud. When Earning is set up, the application doesn't need the gadget to keep it open or running behind the scenes to acquire PHT. 

Whenever open Cloud Earning PHT to get to the normal Earning measurements and track the Earning progress. 

To keep away from interference, a notice is sent following 7 days, to guarantee your PHT and to begin another procuring meeting.

3:Crypto Treasures

Crypto Treasures is a game, where players complete different journeys, random data and smaller than normal games to open Gold (in-game cash), Treasure Chests, Items, Collectibles, and different Crypto monetary forms, including the highlighted Phoneum token - PHT. 

Our central goal is to offer a straightforward stage for all portable gamers to partake in and study the cryptographic money transformation through gamification. 

Using the force of blockchain innovation permits Crypto Treasures to turn into a Hub and interface with different games utilizing a similar player profile and in-game monetary forms.

4:Crypto Connect 3

Travel through space and completely different levels by associating at least 3 of similar coins to obliterate them. 

Each level permits you to procure genuine digital currency PHT while playing an excellent and modern game. 

The more stars you get, the more PHT you procure

How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |

How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |

How to earn bitcoins for free?

Want to have free bitcoin instead of buying BTC? We are going to give a quick overview of the different techniques to earn bitcoins for free in 2021. But before that, I have to remind you a little of the history of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to put blockchain technology into practice. When it was created in 2008, the price of a bitcoin was a few cents. It has since peaked and 1 Bitcoin is trading at over $ 30,000 in January 2021.
Originally, it was possible to earn dozens of bitcoins by performing small tasks and participating in faucets ... Today, the means to earn bitcoins are multiplied, but you can only earn small amounts (some satoshis).

The best plans for getting free Bitcoin

SwissBorg - Scratch a ticket and win up to € 100 in Bitcoin

SwissBorg is a mobile application that allows you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies at the best price. In the same way as a hotel or flight comparator, SwissBorg aggregates the price of cryptocurrencies from several platforms to obtain the most advantageous rate for its users.
You can benefit from a bonus of up to € 100 by registering on the platform.
How it works ? You must register on SwissBorg by being sponsored, you can use our link (see below). You will then be invited to download the application and verify your identity (don't panic, the verification is validated in a few seconds). All you have to do is deposit € 50 in crypto or fiat on the platform. You will then receive a scratch ticket, which will allow you to win between 1 and 100 €.
Also be aware that the funds obtained are not locked. You can redeem your bonus and your € 50 used when depositing.
✅ Prerequisite: be sponsored using this link and deposit € 50 in crypto or fiat
🎁 Earnings: between 1 and 100 euros in Bitcoin
🔒 Reliability: very high the card that gives you cash-back in crypto

You can get the card for free. Depending on the type of card you choose, you will have cashback in CRO tokens when you use the card (click on this link to see the CRO price). For the free card, the cashback amount is 1% of the amount of your purchases. For the premium card, the cashback amount is 5% of your purchases.
When you order your card through our affiliate link (or with the cryptoast code), offers you $ 25 in cryptos.
✅ Prerequisite: order a Ruby Steel card or higher
🎁 Earnings: $ 25 immediate bonus + cashback in crypto
🔒 Reliability: very high

So rare - Earn, buy and sell soccer cards for ethers

On So rare, you manage your football team with cards representing real players. Depending on the performance of your players during their weekend games, you will earn points. If you are among the best you will be able to earn ETH (Ethereum) and cards that can be sold for cryptocurrencies. These cryptos are then exchangeable for bitcoin or euros.

Here is a great way to have fun while making money, even a lot of money if the luck is with you. A rare Kylian Mbappé card was sold for $ 65,000!

✅ Prerequisite: register for free on the site and participate in the matches
🎁 Earnings: ethers (ETH) and football cards that can be sold for several tens of ethers (several thousand euros)
🔒 Reliability: very high

Answer questions to earn crypto

You can earn tens of dollars worth of cryptos with Coinbase Earn by taking cryptocurrency training and answering questions. Sign up on Coinbase, then click on Earn crypto up to $ 158.

✅ Prerequisite: register for free on Coinbase
🎁 Earnings: up to $ 158 in cryptocurrencies to test your crypto knowledge
🔒 Reliability: very high

Brave - Earn crypto while surfing the web

Brave is an internet browser (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge ...) which pays you in BAT tokens to thank you for using the browser to surf the internet. You can increase the number of cryptocurrencies earned by viewing advertisements. You can then use your earned BATs to support your favorite content creators if their sites, YouTube channels, or Twitter accounts are part of the program. For information we are part of it 😛

It should also be noted that the Brave browser is very fast and efficient, that it allows you to control the advertisements that you see and above all that it protects your privacy (your information is not transmitted to third parties).

✅ Prerequisite: download the browser and use it to surf the web

🎁 Earnings: up to several tens of euros per month

🔒 Reliability: very high

So This are the top 5 ways of bitcoin earning for free there are many ways to earn bitcoin we will we that in next articles 

thank You 

New bitcoin Earning Website 2021 | Highest Paying | Review | Earn Bitcoins

New bitcoin Earning Website 2021 | Highest Paying | Review | Earn Bitcoins

 New bitcoin Earning Website 2021 | Highest Paying | Review | Earn Bitcoin

Hello Guys, This Is SagarPatware, And Today I Am Going To Show You the New Faucet Website. In this Website, You Can Earn Bitcoin Cash And This Website Is Fully Trusted You Can Work In This Website 
I Not Work On This For A Long Time But I Have Experience Of This Website That's Why I Am Reviewing This Website. The Name Of The Website Is Golden Price 

You Can Join This Website By Clicking Here

What Is Golden Price Website?

So, GoldenPrice Website Is a faucet website where you can earn bitcoin cash in curtain time of interval

On The faucet Page, There Are banner ads from banner ads the owner of the website earn money, and some part of earning of an owner distributed In-Audience Which Is Working On The Golden Price 

So, This Is a little Description Of

You Can Join This Website By Clicking Here

How You Can |Earn Bitcoin Cash?

There Are 2 Ways Of Earning 

1. Faucet 
2. Referral

1. Faucet 

You All Know That What Is facet. In Faucet You Have To Calm Your Bitcoin Cash In A Particular Time Of Interval 
And When You Calmied Your Bitcoin Cash You Have To Wait For some Time Which Is Give By Website And when Timer completed You Can Claim Your Bitcoin Cash Again.

2. Referral

You Can Also Earn by Referring a Person When The Referal Join Your Website You Will Get Some Bitcoin Cash In The Form Of Referral Reward 

How To Withdrawl Bitcoin Cash In Golden Price?

You Have To Get Bitcoin Cash Address From Any Crypto Exchange And Put In You Withdrawal Address Of Golden Price 
And When You withdrawal your fund it Arrives in your Account With In 24-72 Hours

You Can Join This Website By Clicking Here

Best New Bitcoin Earning Website Of 2021 | | Earn Free bitcoin

Best New Bitcoin Earning Website Of 2021 | | Earn Free bitcoin

Best New Bitcoin Earning Website Of 2021 | | Earn Free bitcoin 

Hii Guys I Am Sagar Patware And In This Article, I Am Showing About How You Can Earn Free BTC  
By Doing Simple Task, So guys I Am Talking Coinpayu Where You Can Earn Free Bitcoin Upto 100 - 200 Satoshi Per Day.

What Is Coinpayu?

CoinPayu is a bitcoin advertising network where advertisers can create their campaigns. Get Visitor On Your Website. And Earners Can Earn By Visit Sites And More We will Also Talk About Other Ways Of Earning Possible In Coinpayu 
This Is The Short Description Of The

Join This Website by Clicking Here 

How You Can Earn Money From This Site?

So, There are basically Basically 7 Ways Of Earning Available. The List Of Earning Ways Are Given Below

1. Surfing Ads
2. Window Ads
3. Video Ads
4. By Completing Offers
5. By Referring a Person 
6. Faucet

1. Surfing Ads

In Surf Ads You Can Earn Bitcoin By Surfing Ads Or Website. When You Click On Surf Ads The page Open With a List Of Many Website There You Can Select Website Which You Have To Surf  When You Selected Website Then New Window Will Open In The Browser And Immediately Timer Will Start And When Timer Will Stoped Then You Get Reward Of Satoshi In Your Coinpayu Balance

2. Window Ads

In Window Ads, You Can Earn Bitcoin By Staying On Particular Window. When You Click On Window Ads The Page Open With a List Of Many Website There You Can Select Website In Which You  Have To Stay And Earn Bitcoin. When You Select Any Of The Website From List Than New Tab Will Open And When the Timer Started  In Window You Have To Stay On That Site For Some Time If You Change the Window Then The Timer Was Stopped So When You Are  Doing The  Task Of Window Ads Then Don't Change Window 

3. Video Ads

In Video Ads, You Can Earn Bitcoin By Watching Video For A Particular Time. when You Click On Video Ads The Page Open With a List Of Videos There You Can Select any Of Video To watch In Which You Have to Watch Video Ads For a Particular Time The Time Of Watching Is Depend On The Satoshi If Reward Of Satoshi Were High Then You Have To Watch Video For More Time.

4. By Completing Offers

In Offers, You Can Simply Earn Bitcoin By Completing Offer  [ Surveys, By App Downloading ]

And Offers Are Very Profitable For Earners.

Earners Can Earn Upto 1000 Satoshi By Completing A Single Offer. This is Best To Earn Bitcoin 

5. By Referring a Person 

You Can Also Earn By Referring a Person The Refer Program Give You 20% Of Advertising Commission 

This means When You Invite a Person If They Advertise There Website Or Video Then You Will Get There 20% Of Spend Bitcoin 

6. Faucet

In Faucet, You Can Earn Satoshi Every Hour By Clicking On Single Button 

You Can Also Check Live Payment Proofs on this Page - Click Here

Best  Website To Earn Bitcoin In 2021 Without Investment | Review | Earn bitcoin Online

Best Website To Earn Bitcoin In 2021 Without Investment | Review | Earn bitcoin Online

Best Website To Earn Bitcoin In 2021 | Review | Earn Bitcoin Online 

Hello, EveryOne, I Am SagarPatware And In This Article, I Am Going To Show You How You Can Earn Free Bitcoin By Faucet Without Investment. So, Guys, I Am Taking About The Adbtc. top


What Is Adbtc? top?

Adbtc. the top is a bitcoin advertising network where you can advertise Your website by running the campaign 

I Think This Is profitable for advertiser and earners both, 

Advertisers Can Target Real Bitcoin Users. There CPC Starts From 3 Satoshi Which Is Very Less. 

And the main thing is that is no minimum purchase required. So, This website is perfect in case of an advertisement

Now, Earners 

Earners Can Earn Russian Ruble And Upto 200 Satoshi Per Click As They Mention On There Website. And  This Website Has Minimum Withdrawal Of  0.00005 Btc, They Also Have Referral System Or Affiliate Program 

Where You Can Earn 10% Of Earning  Which Your Referred Person Generating Form Surfing Ads 

Note: It is not a Bitcoin Minning Website 

This Is a Quick Introduction To Adbtc. top

Now We Will Only Talk About Earners And Not Talking About Advertiser We will talk about advertiser in the Next  article

Join From Here - Click Here

How We Can Earn Bitcoin And Russian Ruble From Adbtc. top?

Guys, This website allows you to get free bitcoin. It is better than bitcoin faucet, it is not a BTC miner, So, There Are 5 Ways Of Earning 

1.  You Can Earn By Active Window Surfing 
2. You Can Earn By Surfing Ads For Russian Ruble
3. You Can Earn By Surfing Ads For Satoshi
4. You Can Earn By Auto Surfing 
5. You Can Also Earn By Shorting a link

So, This Is 5 Ways Of Earning In This Website

Now, How This Ways Works?

1. Active Window Surfing 

In This Only, You Have To Stay On The Tap For 10 Or More Second And When That Time Is over then you get your satoshi in your adbtc acc balance 

Note. If You Switch the tap at timer is going on the timer will stop Immediately You have to stay on the page

2. Surfing Ads For Russian Ruble

In This, You Have To Surf Ads By Clicking the On Link Which Is Given In Task Page When You Click On That New Tap Was Open And You Have To Wait For Some Which Are Give By Adbtc

You Can See In The Below Image 


You Can See That The Timer Is Running When This Timer End Your satoshi added To Your Acc Balance

3. Surfing Ads For Satoshi

This Is Same As Surfing Ads For Russian Ruble There Is No Different In Both Of Them

4.  Auto Surfing 

In This, You Have To Click On Auto Surfing From Adbtc Dashboard When You Click On That then New Window or Tap Will Open And They Auto Surfing Mean They Change Website One By One And There Is Timer Also of Between 10 To 60 Second 

You Can See Below In Image  👇

the timer will start running 
After That, They Will Credit Satoshi To your Acc Balance And Load New Site Shown In Image Below


5. Shorting a link

In This, You Have To Short A Link And When You short A Link You Will Redirect To adbtc And Satoshi Will Edited To Your Acc Balance 

Withdrawal Proof

So Guys In Adbtc I make WithDrawal Two Times One Time I Received And 2nd Withdrawal I Made YesterDay They Will Receive In 72 Hours
Adbtc Sent Funds In 3 Days You Can Also See My Payment Proof 

And It Will Received In My Faucet Pay Account

So Guys I Hope This Article Help Full For You 
, Thank You For Reading And Getting Knowledge From Us