How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |

How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |

How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |
Thursday, 15 April 2021

How to earn bitcoins for free?

Want to have free bitcoin instead of buying BTC? We are going to give a quick overview of the different techniques to earn bitcoins for free in 2021. But before that, I have to remind you a little of the history of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to put blockchain technology into practice. When it was created in 2008, the price of a bitcoin was a few cents. It has since peaked and 1 Bitcoin is trading at over $ 30,000 in January 2021.
Originally, it was possible to earn dozens of bitcoins by performing small tasks and participating in faucets ... Today, the means to earn bitcoins are multiplied, but you can only earn small amounts (some satoshis).

The best plans for getting free Bitcoin

SwissBorg - Scratch a ticket and win up to € 100 in Bitcoin

SwissBorg is a mobile application that allows you to buy and trade cryptocurrencies at the best price. In the same way as a hotel or flight comparator, SwissBorg aggregates the price of cryptocurrencies from several platforms to obtain the most advantageous rate for its users.
You can benefit from a bonus of up to € 100 by registering on the platform.
How it works ? You must register on SwissBorg by being sponsored, you can use our link (see below). You will then be invited to download the application and verify your identity (don't panic, the verification is validated in a few seconds). All you have to do is deposit € 50 in crypto or fiat on the platform. You will then receive a scratch ticket, which will allow you to win between 1 and 100 €.
Also be aware that the funds obtained are not locked. You can redeem your bonus and your € 50 used when depositing.
✅ Prerequisite: be sponsored using this link and deposit € 50 in crypto or fiat
🎁 Earnings: between 1 and 100 euros in Bitcoin
🔒 Reliability: very high the card that gives you cash-back in crypto

You can get the card for free. Depending on the type of card you choose, you will have cashback in CRO tokens when you use the card (click on this link to see the CRO price). For the free card, the cashback amount is 1% of the amount of your purchases. For the premium card, the cashback amount is 5% of your purchases.
When you order your card through our affiliate link (or with the cryptoast code), offers you $ 25 in cryptos.
✅ Prerequisite: order a Ruby Steel card or higher
🎁 Earnings: $ 25 immediate bonus + cashback in crypto
🔒 Reliability: very high

So rare - Earn, buy and sell soccer cards for ethers

On So rare, you manage your football team with cards representing real players. Depending on the performance of your players during their weekend games, you will earn points. If you are among the best you will be able to earn ETH (Ethereum) and cards that can be sold for cryptocurrencies. These cryptos are then exchangeable for bitcoin or euros.

Here is a great way to have fun while making money, even a lot of money if the luck is with you. A rare Kylian Mbappé card was sold for $ 65,000!

✅ Prerequisite: register for free on the site and participate in the matches
🎁 Earnings: ethers (ETH) and football cards that can be sold for several tens of ethers (several thousand euros)
🔒 Reliability: very high

Answer questions to earn crypto

You can earn tens of dollars worth of cryptos with Coinbase Earn by taking cryptocurrency training and answering questions. Sign up on Coinbase, then click on Earn crypto up to $ 158.

✅ Prerequisite: register for free on Coinbase
🎁 Earnings: up to $ 158 in cryptocurrencies to test your crypto knowledge
🔒 Reliability: very high

Brave - Earn crypto while surfing the web

Brave is an internet browser (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge ...) which pays you in BAT tokens to thank you for using the browser to surf the internet. You can increase the number of cryptocurrencies earned by viewing advertisements. You can then use your earned BATs to support your favorite content creators if their sites, YouTube channels, or Twitter accounts are part of the program. For information we are part of it 😛

It should also be noted that the Brave browser is very fast and efficient, that it allows you to control the advertisements that you see and above all that it protects your privacy (your information is not transmitted to third parties).

✅ Prerequisite: download the browser and use it to surf the web

🎁 Earnings: up to several tens of euros per month

🔒 Reliability: very high

So This are the top 5 ways of bitcoin earning for free there are many ways to earn bitcoin we will we that in next articles 

thank You 

How to earn bitcoins for free? | Top 5 ways To Earn Bitcoin | Earn Bitcoin In 2021-2022 |
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